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    What does pending mean in Snapchat

    What does pending mean in Snapchat ?

    Snapchat grey or pending on snapchat is a common occurrence which makes Snapchat users go crazy sometimes. There could be several possible reasons why you are having the same issue of pending snapchats   Lets look at the most common reasons ! If you have sent a friend request to someone and the other person […]

  • Adam’s Peak Sri Lanka | A Climb to the top of the world

    Sometimes you wonder how and when you can finish ticking down the countless number of places you have in mind to explore… Leave aside the places overseas, think of the many places which fall under your bucket list in your own country. For me, climbing Adam’s Peak Sri Lanka was one of those in the […]

  • Breakfast to beginning your day

    Cafe Ceylon Kabalana Sri Lanka| A food affair to remember

    Having spent my early childhood in the southern part of Sri Lanka, it has always been a place so close to my heart.. it is so over whelming to feel the sea breeze on my face and feel the fresh air creeping through the cooling trees every time I travel to this part of the […]

  • Places to see in Kandy city

    Places to see in Kandy, the highlands of Sri Lanka

    From stunning golden roofed magnificent temple of the tooth to the mystic highlands and starry nights under the cooling breeze from the lake, I have a bundle of experiences to share with you from a weekend of bliss and many places to see in Kandy city…. Talking about the city of Kandy, it is quite […]

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    Juce hotel Ambalangoda | Value for money in Sri Lanka!

      So it was the hot month of February and I was looking out for a beach getaway for the weekend. Just then I realized how difficult it is to find a place for the weekend in Sri Lanka in early Feb mainly because of the Chinese new-year. With the thought of avoiding busy Galle […]

  • Fun places to go in Singapore

      Fun places to go in Singapore | Wish List Singapore- the global commercial hub, located in South East Asia takes you to the world’s only island city- state. This tiny city is full of vibrancy where there are endless fun places to go in Singapore whether you are on a long or short holiday… […]

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