6 simple steps for a Blissful day !

Going back to the childhood I remember how we used to count days for the holidays and how long it took to go through three semesters to upgrade to the next grade in School.

But do you realize that the whole paradigm of timing has changed so much that you feel like everything has been fast forwarded! Sometimes it feels like the entire world has just leaped from Monday to Friday!

Sounds familiar?


As we run this race to keep up to the pace of the world, we shouldn’t forget how much a day means to us and being able to live one day on this earth means we are blessed… to be able to set our foot on the earth… to be with the loved ones and to be able to experience and gather moments that are unique and wonderful which you didn’t go through yesterday!


So appreciating the blessings of 24 hours here’s my simple yet invigorating 5 steps to give it an awesome start and an end!


Say yes to morning bliss

morning 1


Morning is the most important part of the day which we mostly tend to ignore. I didn’t realize the importance of morning bliss for many years and after finding the right way to get at it I never look back! When you wake up if you can get some sunshine on your face that is a real awesome factor to get your adrenaline worked on..

Instead are you waking up to the phone checking your latest FB update? A total NO to for a morning habit as you wake up!


Open your window get some sunshine on your face and wind blow some refreshing flying kisses to get the morning bliss going. Take few deep breaths and inhale a punch of positivity with a positive affirmation. It could be “I’m having a wonderful day? “I am healthy, wealthy & wise” whatever gives that kick to the brain waves. This is not just about saying an affirmation, the positive vibes will carry the messages to the brain and let the subconscious mind grab the massage and slowly work on those lines. Remember if you let the negative thoughts creep in the very same process will apply!

This is how the subconscious mind works!


I would somehow find few mints to do bit of meditation which helps me to start the day being mindful… It can even be few slow deep breaths. If you didn’t know deep breath can heal and regenerate your system as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system.



Start the day feeling hydrated

There is no kick to the whole system like getting hydrated in the morning. A warm glass of water with some lemon juice squeezed in is a perfect start I cannot miss in the morning.


It has some unbelievable healthy benefits too… the vitamin c in the lemon juice is an instant energy booster and helps you with the immune system. It will just flush the toxins you have been carrying from the previous day and get your system ready for a brand new day.

Another interesting reason why you will start getting to this habit is that the potassium contained in the warm lemon water helps to nourish the brain cells… such a morning drink packed with so much of health benefits.


Some days I add a bit of cinnamon or few mint leaves to the drink just to add a different taste as well as to get the nutritional value of mint and cinnamon which add freshness into the day


Few twists and bends will make a whole difference

yoga 7


A morning without some twists and bends can be a total disaster for me… As I love hatha yoga I spend few minutes practicing breathing exercises and few back bends and sun salutation which is an absolute stunner to get me going..

Sun salutation also known as Surya Namaskara in the Indian yogic terms work much better than a gym workout for me!


It has 12 postures which gets the heart, liver, stomach, legs, and arms working and basically every part of the body from head to toe is greatly benefited. This is the best twist and bends for a morning energy boost!


Whichever the exercise if it gets those muscles a good stretch that is the way to start the day being active..


Work hard

work hard 1


Nothing gives you containment during the day like doing some hard work..

Hard work is always not associated with long hours of work… the amount of dedication and commitment complemented with your creativity and knowledge can take you to great heights.

We all need to make a living… But do what you like and like what you do and you will do wonderful!


Save some energy for a good laugh

laugh girl 1


How busy you are don’t forget to have a good laugh… at least once during the day

Laugh is such a boost to the entire system… let be calling your best buddy and cracking a joke or playing with your pets who instantly bring a smile or a laughter with their cuteness..

I just love an evening walk with my dog or cuddly cat while playing with is always interesting..    Its not just me saying this, studies have found immense benefits of being and playing with pets for mankind’s well being.


Hit the bed with one good thing that happened to you!

girl sleeping 1


No matter how stressful the day was with annoying or disappointing moments you would have at least had one blissful moment during the day… before going to bed think of that lovely moment and experience it once more in your mind and hit the bed with a positive note and you will find happiness following you next morning!


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