A Wellness Holiday.. Why you should take up one for your next travel!

A holiday in traditional form is about taking a break from your day to day life and exploring a place away from home, usually at a destination you haven’t been before.

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When you think of a wellness holiday, it is a much broader concept which clearly goes beyond merely exploring a new destination and taking a break!

Achieving optimal wellbeing is the focus of a traveller looking for a wellness holiday. It is about harmonizing the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of a human being which goes beyond the idea of curing illness. So simply you don’t have to be suffering from an illness to go on such holiday which is a total myth among lot of travellers.

It is a more proactive form of taking care of your well being while travelling. Actually that’s the best time to have a good glance at yourself and take care of yourself because you are out of the office work or the day to day life battle which usually doesn’t give you enough time to take care of yourself.

Healthy holidays or wellness holidays are becoming more and more popular day by day as people start realizing the importance of taking good care of themselves and as everyone is going through a paramount level of stress that cannot be handled by taking a day off or escaping to a shopping holiday where you will get back home feeling more tired and stressful. You would probably need another holiday to catch up from that trip!

When taking up a wellness holiday it doesn’t mean that you should be practicing yoga every day and restrict your food habits with a water diet! You can opt to have a good balance and make sure you choose activities that would interest you so that you don’t end up being bored during your holiday!

It could be taking up some fitness sessions like exercise classes, personal training, boot camp if you are a fitness lover. Choosing a resort that offers healthy food/ weight loss plans is an option if you think you need to lose some pounds and get into a healthy diet.

If you are an adventurous and active person and do not like to sit at one place during your holiday choose to go on a vacation that includes Hiking, cycling, or some forest bathing with jungle trekking. If you are a spa lover like me, you can totally pamper yourself with a spa holiday at a luxurious resort where natural/ organic ingredients will nourish you from top to bottom and you would revitalize yourself and bounce back to work.

Lots of travellers are now looking for spiritual attachment when they travel and if you are one, you could opt for a vacation that includes yoga, meditation sessions that will help you connect with yourself and reach peace of mind.

So you have plenty of options available and if you want you can even go for a combination of above. The bottom line is that you keep yourself healthy and fit during the stay and start caring for yourself more. Make sure you leave your work behind when you take up a healthy holiday.. It’s not a time to work in the morning and get into some activities in the evening.

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This helps you to really get connected with yourself and switch off from the rest of the world and achieve that optimal well being I mentioned before- a connection between mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of yourself.

If you find it difficult to choose which holiday and which destination is the best for you it’s not a problem at all with the travel agents who are focused on wellness holidays.

Let them know your profile and your expectations of the holiday so that you will be enrolled with the best wellness package. Make sure to pick wellness tips from your holiday so that you can continue that good health instead forgetting it all after coming back to the real world!

So get on board with a cruise, a spa break or a spiritual tour which ever gets you going on a total rejuvenation…

A kick start that will get you going as a fresh and energetic person when you are back at work!


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