A big virtual hug to all the lovelies who dropped by to check out my blog. 

Let me share with you how blissful experiences was born !


Well we all know that life is a roller coaster filled with happy and glorious moments as well as sad moments and terrible moments you wish you never face again!



One day after a very enlightening yoga session which was focused on the role that our thoughts play in lives and manifestations of those thoughts I was going into a deep conversation with myself on different edges to life. When you come across an atrocious incident is it worth getting drowned in that negative paradigm and end up not living that day? You have just missed one whole day of your life that you can never ever take back !

Instead what if you could flash back one beautiful moment of your life and feel yourself present in that very moment and feel that joy all over again! Why not take few minutes everyday to find something that you can fall in love with and be grateful about?


Coming from the corporate background it was not easy for me to come to terms with this kind of philosophy until I was opened to a whole new world of yoga, reiki and more than that willingness to accept the realities of life. But here I am all grown up ready to hit the real world with loads of positive vibes and full of compassion.

What ever I find as a blissful moment in my life I would like to share with my lovely readers and let you know things from all around the world. At the same time hope it rings a bell in you that the world is full of blissful experiences and until we are ready to open ourselves to it and grateful for every beautiful thing that exist around us we will not be gifted with the wonderful things that can totally light up our day…


” Let’s explore the world together !! “

Hugs and kisses

Love Imzi