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  • 6 simple steps for a Blissful day !

    Going back to the childhood I remember how we used to count days for the holidays and how long it took to go through three semesters to upgrade to the next grade in School. But do you realize that the whole paradigm of timing has changed so much that you feel like everything has been […]

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    How to do Reiki on others | Reiki Healing

    I always believe that the world is full of wonderful and mysterious things that we ought to discover on our own. In my own journey of discovering the limitless wonders of the world I came across this amazing healing practice named “Reiki”. So for most of you who have heard of this alternative healing technique […]

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    Fifty Shades Of Grey PDF Download

    Download 50 Shades of Grey PDF | Ebook Version Here !  The book fanatic in me went oh la la when I got this amazing book “Fifty Shades of Grey” sometime back. Having heard so much of inside information from my best buddies and having read comments on social media I had no choice but to […]