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Fun places to go in Singapore | Wish List

Singapore- the global commercial hub, located in South East Asia takes you to the world’s only island city- state. This tiny city is full of vibrancy where there are endless fun places to go in Singapore whether you are on a long or short holiday…


For me Singapore is a place where limitless innovations come up every now and then, so even if you decide to visit every year you will be vowed by another fun or extraordinary experience next year.. It could be an addition of a theme park, a beautiful attraction or a festival which will attract thousands of visitors around the world.

singapore city
singapore city

Like most of the Asian/ south Asian country, there is no real winter in Singapore where there are snow capped mountains or reindeer’s running across snowy path ways, but if you visit this amazing piece of land during the the x mas time you will not miss the fun and indulgence you are craving for during X mas. All streets and shopping malls will be loaded with festive joy and you cannot miss the festive fun ever…. So this is what Singapore is about..

If my lovely readers are thinking of visiting Singapore in 2016, here’s my favorite list of fun places to go in Singapore… Plssssss…..Am I missing anything ??? please do let me know so I will check it out during my next trip.


Amuse yourself at Universal studios Singapore

Who says theme parks are for children??? Well well Universal Studios at Santosa is a place for anyone who is looking for a fun filled holiday with some extra thrill !! These


I totally loved the movie experience which took me back many years in time to my childhood where I was totally surrounded by the magical Disney movies…There are seven movie – themed zones and the whole movie set is so impressive! The rides will take you to another level with loads of gasping and heart pounding experiences either with 3D battle rides or scary roller coaster riders which take you deep into the darkness….


Its easy to by the ticket online as some days its very crowded and you need to staying in line for a long time. Because you want to get the best out of your day pass..


Best best time is to go during Halloween to have the most thrilling experience ever with their theme night for Halloween if you dare to scare yourself..


Nothing like getting lost in an area full of shopping malls

shopping mall Singapore |

I doubt if any female has left this island without strolling down Orchard Road…They’ve got the most appetizing branded shopping malls in South Asia to die for… But the best part is that there are super offers happening every year with their mega sales and I have picked up latest Mango clothes at really good prices.. So the tip is to look out for their mega sales if you are a shopaholic… So you will not have to worry about investing on a branded piece of cloth…


Apart from the jaw dropping designer wear it’s always fun to go around the street with a set of friends trying our different food outlets, sipping a coffee at the beautiful malls and enjoying the glamour that is spread all over.



How about a swim to catch a view of whole of Singapore | Marina Bay Sands Singapore


infinty pool marina bay sands

I would say that Marina Bay sands is a jewel to Singapore. People say that it’s a taste of Las Vegas.

Its one of the most expensive projects in the world and more than anything, the amazing architecture of 3 towers been connected with a roof terrace has broken many architectural records.


Going up there to the sky park, you will be breathless as you see the world’s longest elevated swimming pool. As far as I know, you have to be staying with the hotel to get into the pool which is going to cost a fortune.. But its worth even to catch the view right from there even if you cannot afford a dip in the pool.

Party like a Rockstar | Raffles Singapore

Raffles hotels Singapore | Luxury Hotels

Altitude at Raffles Singapore Hotel is the place for you if you are night seeker… it’s a bar and a restaurant combined together with the most spectacular view of the whole Singapore. So its not just a place to have a drink… a place as high as 282 m on the 61st floor to totally fall in love with..


Never say no to Street food while in Singapore…

Streel food Singapore

I might sound like such a crazy eater but trust me you better go there with some voracious appetite or regret completely. Trying out street food is known to be less hygienic in most parts of the world. But over here in Singapore I have gone to the best hawker food areas and never had any food poisoning.


It’s a fun breezy affair chilling out with a cheerful friends trying out cheap sizzling satays, perfectly steamed dim sum or chili crab for what Singapore street food is famed for..

My favorite spots are  Lau pa sat and Tiong Bahru market..



Great outdoors anyone ???  Mount Faber Park Singapore

Mount Faber Park Singapore

Singapore might sound like a tiny city commercialized with sky scraping buildings. But if you visit the MacRitchie reservoir you can get to the great outdoors and breath in fresh air from the woods as you take a tree top walk of about 11 km inside the rainforest. Its actually a free standing bridge which connects the two highest points in MacRitchie allowing you to take this beautiful walk in nature. If you are a nature lover you would find it fun to take this tour.



A glimpse of India at Little India Singapore

Little India Singapore

Sometimes it surprises me when I visit little India Singapore and look beyond that traditional Indian designs to see the skyscrapers with the modern look which kinda creates a mismatch in the whole ambiance.. But its fun to be around this area bargaining for little things, grabbing some Indian dishes or simply tune into the earsplitting Indian music.

A few steps away from the modern world and everything is cheaper compared to the city life including lodging.



A night safari at the Singapore Zoo

Night safari at the singapore zoo - blissulexperinces

Well this is a cool concept to do a night safari to see the nocturnal animals and if you are a nature lover, this is going to be an amazing experience to see the night habitat of many animals while the tram guide will share fascinating stories about them during the journey.

night safari Singapore - white Tiger

If you are travelling with your family and need a more personalized tour, you can book a VIP experience which you will not regret.

Night safari Singapore - teenagers

A must watch act at the Night safari zoo. People who visit this place never miss this traditional red Indian Dancing and fire plays



A walk to remember  | Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore botanic gardens - blissfulexperiences

When my friends first asked me about paying a visit to the Botanic gardens I was quite dismayed because all I could think was walking through flowery pathways and looking at couples who pass by which could be a real waste of my time. But once I got there my opinions changed!

The landscaping was amazing with the British Colonial beauty added every where. The walking tour enlightened me about the history of Singapore which I never knew.

If you happen to go on a gardener’s day out, you are going to have so much fun at food bazaar, floral arrangements, crafts and so much more… Watch out for their happenings on the site so that you can pick the event you want to go for..



Night life fun at riverside | Clarke Quay Singapore

clarke quay singapore - blissful experiences

Well well if you don’t visit the Clarke Quey you are just missing the party hub fun in Singapore. The night will stay young with dazzling lights & happening night clubs and if you are a night life lover you will just love this place catching up nibbles or waterside drinks. The Bar Coccon at the Forbidden city is the coldest and largest ice bar in whole of Singapore taking you to an extraordinary experience.

You must try chili crab at one of the restaurants!



Go crazy with some Island hopping in Singapore

island hopping singapore

If you have enough time to spend a day hopping around, there are some tranquil beach islands which can be reached from the city via a ferry. Its actually not to expensive and you can have some great fun doing snorkeling, hiking or just wandering through the nature trails away from the city life.

For me spending a day away from the busy city life where ever I travel is a real kick for the whole trip allowing me to centre myself and catch some fresh air.



Any yoga lovers out there?

como shambala singapore yoga - fitness holidays


Singapore is the place for yoga lovers! You can do a drop in class at Como Shamabla retreat which is just out of this world. They have the internationally accredited superb yoga instructors to try out either yoga or pilates for about 40-50 dollars at their gorgeous yoga studio.



Shoot away with a paintball experience | Singapore discovery center

Singapore discovery center paintball - blissful experinces


Thrilling experiences are all over Singapore and you can spend sometime at the Singapore discovery center discovering your shooting abilities… But it’s a bit of a no pain no gain kinda experience if you are up for it.



If fun means an adrenaline hike for you| Skydiving in Singapore

skydiving singapore indor

Skydiving is the tick list in my next adrenaline hike and the fun places to go in Singapore.

indoor skydiving singapore

Its a real chance to fly above 12,000 feet. At I fly Singapore they give two sky dives in the wind tunnel and if by chance you try this out before me do let me know how it goes. Consider indoor skydiving in Singapore, will be a very unique experience .

fun places to go in Singapore