Gili Lankanfushi Maldives Resort | my first hand experience

Gili Lankanfushi Maldives ( Soneva Gili)

Did someone say Maldives??
After many years of reading and dreaming about the mystic Maldives island, I couldn’t still believe that I was all ready to be heading for a 3 nights’ getaway with my family to the floating pearls of the Indian ocean….


I happened to be taking a night flight which was reaching the airport island of Abdul Nazeer international airport late in the night and you will hear later how that brought a surprise in disguise. Upon arrival at the airport island, the resort representative was right there to pick us and take us to the resort island by a speedboat. There are more than 26 atolls belonging to Maldives and spreading along the Indian ocean with more than 100 resorts and many inhabitant islands. The island I was arriving was close enough to be reached via a speedboat. Well it looked like the ocean waves had listened to my prayers and tamed themselves to give a smooth ride in the dark and breezy night.

gili lankanfushi maldives | Maldives bliss

It was roughly a half an hour ride and until the next day morning I didn’t realize that the ride to heaven was that short! I literally screamed out HEAVEN while I couldn’t thank my sister enough for arranging this most beautiful trip!


Soon after checking into the jetty at Gili Lankanfushi maldives (which was under Soneva Gili when I visited) we were welcomed by the resort staff and checked into the villa and soon called it a day as the night was quite at the edge and we were all feeling tired.


Then the morning begun! It just took me by surprise and surprise making me speechless for few mints as I was struggling to figure out if I was dreaming of me having a day in heaven or if I was just beginning a day in real life!


I was looking through the window to see the most magical dancing bluish water which seem to be running up to infinity. It was beyond picturesque to see this magical waters harmonizing with the equally gorgeous vast blue sky. To some it up in one word it was Happiness and I would never forget the overwhelming effect my whole body was experiencing in that morning.
gili lankanfushi maldives | villa

So, it was a water villa situated just on the water and the whole villa was done up in wood which was adding more blend of nature to the whole villa and the rest of the villas are also made the same way.


Water villa at Gili Lanka Fushi Maldives
Water villa at Gili Lanka Fushi Maldives

The resort expects guests to be away from the busy stressful life as much as they can and relax so much so that I found the TV kind of hiding itself in a wooden box! Who needs a TV when you are on a holiday to Maldives?? Not just that, “no news no shoes” is a brilliant concept by the resort where guests are supposed to be barefoot. Trust me your feet will love the feeling of touching the powder white sand, not forgetting the health benefits of grounding yourself with the earth!


gili lankanfushi maldives | food at sonata gili

Breakfast… Lunch … dinner OMG!!! I can’t really tell you if I was more in love with my lunch or dinner… But the dinner surely showed up more glamour added by the heavenly sea breeze and starry sky. Fresh sea food is something you don’t wanna miss if you are in the Maldives as the sea food can be fresh as they could be and most of the resorts would be offering a variety of multi cuisine so that your stomach is happy at all times!

gili lankanfushi maldives | restaurant
Evenings couldn’t get much better with snorkeling right under my water villa and this first had experience in the transparent blue waters just drive me crazy that every day morning and evening you could see me with the snorkeling set which was given complementary basis by the resort to be used at my wish.
Trust me I have never seen such beauty in the middle of the ocean with so many colorful fish and beautiful corals which this magical island is certainly being blessed with. My love for Maldives only grew stronger and stronger the more I kept exploring what it has in store for me. if you want to go on diving or snorkeling trips to near by coral reefs, want to explore a local island or need a tour around the capital city of Male, the resort will arrange everything at a cost.


Second day morning on my way for breakfast, I met a friend whom I was so looking forward to see during snorkeling but never met. A gigantic manta ray came to the shore to say good morning to me!!! blessed and happy I started my day feeling overwhelmed.
gili lankanfushi maldives | beach

Another highlight of the resort stay was my first experience at an underground wine cellar… It was freezing cold inside the cellar but I was just amazed by this creative work by the resort. I was also told that the wine cellar can be booked for a dining venue to have a chill out dinning experience… How cool is that!

gili lankanfushi maldives | wine cellar soneva gili

The resort had plenty of gorgeous places for the yogi in me to explore yoga moves and blend in well with the nature, let it be outside the villa on my deck, near the jetty or on the never ending sandy shores.



So that was the end of my getaway… If you are a nature lover with unconditional love for beach and blue sea Gili Lankanfushi maldives is the next getaway you should be looking at!
There is one piece of advice I would like to give you with my experience. I strongly think that it’s a place where you are either going to fall in love so deep or hate it completely. The blue sea and blue sky, calm and serene environment all over, no vehicle beeps within your radar, vast villas with nature blended harmoniously!


If its your thing you are so going to fall in love with this beauty and I don’t think there is any grey area or on the fence preference when it comes to Maldives… So like I said you would love it or hate it and if by any chance if you choose option two you are so missing a lot in life!