How do you delete messages on Snapchat

How do you delete messages on Snapchat

By far snapchat has become the most used social networking app which by passed face book and twitter. As your chats are seeing and vanished at the same time, you might think that you don’t have to worry about deleting your messages. But the real fact is that it does matter !  what if you send a snapchat to wrong person and then you hit your panic button! Or else if you are in a mighty hurry you send a totally wrong message to someone which makes you cry in embarrassment. Then you realize that delete messages on snapchat is so not possible.

When you send a message it is stored in the device’s storage and not in Snachat’s servers, so they are not erased by themselves. So if you realize that you have sent a message to the wrong person, the best way to remove it is before the other person opens or read it.


How can you delete a snapchat before the other person opens it

Step 01:

Go to the main page of your snapchat. Thats the place which shows all your conversations


Step 02:

Go to settings. Find it difficult to find settings? You can see your settings on the right corner of your screen



Step 03:

When you are on settings, select the tab “Account actions”.

Account actions >> Clear Conversations

Ok you are almost there

Step 04

When you click Clear Conversations you will be routed to a page which lists down all your snapchats. Then you will notice that “x” appears in front of each chat.

Then the next thing to do is unlock your chat by one tap. With one tab your saved chat will be unlocked.


Unlock the saved tab >> Delete by clicking “x”