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I always believe that the world is full of wonderful and mysterious things that we ought to discover on our own. In my own journey of discovering the limitless wonders of the world I came across this amazing healing practice named “Reiki”. So for most of you who have heard of this alternative healing technique and is wondering how to do Reiki on others and how the healing works, here I am opening the doors for you to the wonder land of Reiki –  let us learn the power of healing within us!


How t do Reiki on others


Imagine yourself suffering from a sever headache or a back pain. What will you be doing first? Grab a pain killer and gulp it right away so that the pain will be relieved and you could get back to your daily routine! Think of our ancestors who lived their lives without these pills and drugs which in mostly comes with the baggage of side effects.

This is where the self healing, alternative practices of healing comes into play! The beauty of this practice is that you can do the healing on yourself as well as do reiki on others.


Before you start reading my own experience of “Reiki” let me tell you something interesting. Always remember that we are all born healers. This is what my Reiki master keeps telling us! We all have healing power within our own bodies… if you don’t request that healing power and if you don’t have trust in yourself the healing will not occur!



The History of Reiki


Reiki is a Japanase term which has been introduced to the world by this amazing human being Dr. Mikao Usui. With his dedication and extensive research on his own driven by the curiosity of rediscovering the natural healing power this beautiful practice was introduced during the 20th century. It is said that Dr Usui went through a near fatal three weeks of fasting meditation where he was received the healing power of Reiki.


After Dr Usui the practice went on around the world with the lineage of masters who were attuned and learnt the art of how to do reiki on others



Universal life force energy


The world is full of energies in anything and everything, there is energy within us and within a plant as well. The universal life force so limitless in energy and it flows through our bodies governing our organs, systems etc.


reiki energyA person’s way of life can have an immense impact on the way he or she absorbs this life force.

As long as our energy remains positive with feelings such as happiness, courage, compassion and love our bodies generate a positive vibe which is healthy for our wellbeing.  This helps us to strengthen the life force within us. But in real world we always go through negative feelings such as anger, fear, unhappiness and jealousy which not only creates a negative aura but also interrupts the balance and harmony within our bodies and create all sorts of sicknesses.


On a scientific platform negative emotions stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline and this intern will trigger physical reactions such as increased heart rate, respirations etc. Therefore, the sense of wellbeing is clearly destroyed!


Reiki is based on this simple philosophy of positive and negative thoughts and the use of universal energy to create harmonization on a mental, physical and emotional level.

The essence of Reiki practice and treatments helps to uplift the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of a person with the power of universal energy.


Reiki Healing: My experience on how to do Reiki on others


I went through this most amazing healing practice of reiki few days ago. How this whole process works is that healer receives positive energy from the universe, and then the energy is channeled through the healer to the healee. The positive energy is drawn into the healee balancing the chakras of the healee. There are 7 chakras in our system which are considered to be the portals which lead to different energy fields in our aura. Due to our negative thoughts or any negative feelings these chakras could be blocked causing the wellbeing of a person.

Reiki healing 2


When the healer is attuned by a master he or she becomes a connection between the universal energy and the healee and learns how to do reiki on others so that this positive energy can be sent out the healee who is in need of it.


When the healer starts sending positive energy it will help to clean and rebalance the chakras through which you will reach inner peace. When the reiki master took me through the session for about an hour it brought me such a calming and a relaxing sensation which goes beyond the sensation I would usually go through during my spa breaks. This was somewhat similar to the sensation i go through during a yoga session or a meditation session.

She played a very soft and a calming music while she took me through the session.

Trust me if you ever get a chance to go through this beautiful healing you wouldn’t regret that experience ever!


Its so beautiful that I reached a peace of mind which haven’t reached for days due to my stressful month of work so this was a superb kick off for me to jump start my whole week.


So the most exciting thing for me is taking up a class to learn reiki and become a qualified reiki practitioner so that I am attuned to do reiki on others . I am taking my class within few days and can’t wait to share my blissful experience with you! Once you learn the practice you can heal others and heal yourself too!!! Amazing isn’t it!!


Obviously every sickness cannot be healed by reiki but for any kind of physical or mental illnesses we go through reiki can definitely help to flow positive energy into our system and help us heal ourselves to some extent and give us the strength to be strong and determined to heal faster. But you will be amazed to know that this healing practice has cured many illnesses to lots and lots of people around the world!


Sending you love and hugs!


Love Katy ..




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