How to unfollow everyone on Instagram

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram

Of course the Instagram app itself offers you the service on your phone/ I pad or tab.

Go to your Instagram profile >  click following > unfollow each person by tapping unfollow button

Since none of us have the time to unfollow each person one by one, here are the list of must have software’s / apps which gives you instant results on How to unfollow everyone on Instagram. But when you use third party tools or apps you have to make sure you will not get into the trouble of potential hacks which can put you in such jeopardy

Best Tools on How to UnFollow everyone on Instagram  

( 100% Working )

  • Followers +

If you need some in depth information about your followers and their behavior before you go ahead and unfollow them, this is a great tool to have. Even though there is a limit on the number of unfollowing you can do per hour, you can select about 20 at one go while you can see who you are unfollowing .Download Followers + for FREE

  •  Fast unfollow

This allows you mass unfollowing within a couple of minutes while the same app can be used for multiple Instagram accounts. Download Fast unfollow for FREE

  • FollowingLike

This is a total time saver as its completely automated. You can follow, unfollow and even comment using this app. Download Fast FollowingLike for FREE

  • Instamacro

This tool can help you unfollow users that you no longer want to have on your profile while you can get real followers who have the interest in your gallery without using bots. Download Fast Instamacro for FREE

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