Juce hotel Ambalangoda | Value for money in Sri Lanka!


So it was the hot month of February and I was looking out for a beach getaway for the weekend.

Just then I realized how difficult it is to find a place for the weekend in Sri Lanka in early Feb mainly because of the Chinese new-year.

Juce Hotel ambalangoda rooms

With the thought of avoiding busy Galle but yet wanting to experience a beach front hotel, I came across this lovely spot called “ Juce Hotel Ambalangoda” which is located in Ambalangoda city… If I say its about 45 mins away from Galle city and about 1.45 hours away from Colombo City, most of you will figure out where about it is.


This was actually run under another name and Juce hotels have taken over and done a complete refurbishment in 2015 and I was in fact wanting to check out the hotel for sometime… There I was, coming across right on time and I was lucky enough to be able to book a sea view room.. Well surprsingly it was indeed was not difficult for me to get..

love Juce Hotel

Why I say value for money from the beginning itself is that I paid little less than USD 100 and that even includes breakfast for 2!!! Well it’s a 3 star hotel and you might think that the price for a budget 3 star anyways.. Let me fill you up with the rest of the experience at Juce so that you would know there is much more to this.


The drive from Colombo to down south on highway is quite a fascinating drive for me. Looking out at the vast greenery while the crazy traffic in Colombo was not haunting was more than refreshing… Once you get off from the Ambalngoda exit from the highway, get some help from your google maps and you will be arriving at the hotel in no time.. Its on the main road itself so you wouldn’t easily miss it..


As soon as I went to the front desk, Tuan ( The Manager) and the team were so welcoming giving me a wonderful first impression about the hotel and within just few mints I was in my room all ready to start my long awaited weekend getaway with my partner..

Juce Hotel Ambalangoda Swimming pool sea view

I was given a sea view room on the first floor of Juce Hotel Ambalangoda

As I entered the room I was quite touched by the fact that the interior and the look and feel was just a replica of the images I saw on the website of Juce Hotel Ambalangoda… As you know, Photoshop can do wonders and you can get quite disappointed when you see the rooms in real life.. Well that was definitely not the case for me!! It was a cozy room filled with lots of white space touched up with lime green to blend with the brand colors… I fell in love with the idea of having a hammock in the room which I found to be cute..


The view from the room was just amazing & it would be romantic to catch the sun set and the unspoilt beach while sipping a cocktail at the balcony… (something I couldn’t try…sigh….. But a suggestion for you)

Juce Hotels - sea view room

You might wonder how the masks hanging on the wall were supposed to blend with the whole theme !


Ambalangoda is actually the home for wooden carved masks and the Juice hotel has not forgotten to add a bit of culture to their deco while not mixing it up with their whole theme. So the room tip is that you must get a sea view room as the non sea view is facing the main road which is not a pleasant site at all if you are looking for a beach front holiday.


Juce hotels - swinging beds on the beach

So I stepped outside to get some beach glow on me right on time to be there for the sunset. The beach is right at the back of the hotel as you walk passing the pool. Its more like a private beach for the hotel and you would definitely notice that the beach is pretty un spoilt unlike most of the beaches you would come across in the southern coastal belt.

Juce hotel - beach view

There are few rocks on the beach which is adding more dramatic colors to the whole beach look… Try walking up the big rock and capturing some shots.. Its so relaxing just to sit and feel the salty breeze on your face..

Juce hotels sea view 1

The sea looked a little bit rough and since my partner was quite skeptic about a sea bath… Sigh sigh… But trust me the sea waves looked so tempting to just swim away and have some beach fun…

Juce swimming pool

Well finally I was happily swimming away and trying out my favorite breast stroke in the lovely pool which was not too small neither not too big.. I just loved that pool which didn’t make me feel sick of too much of chlorine.. Its one reason why I freak out getting into pools and prefer the natural saltiness in sea water.. But the pool at Juce was perfect to end the day with an active note..

The’ve got these bar chairs and it would be really cool to sit in the water and sip a drink when they have a pool party going on..

Juvce hotel Ambalngoda bar

As I was stepping inside the hotel I realized why and how they call it a funky and a refreshing “Juce” hotel… The entrance area, restaurant and the bar comes into light towards the night with a real cool and funky touch in it. I think the whole hotel has 4 floors with the roof top which makes it a small hotel, but that really fits into this whole theme and I was quite impressed as I was going though the Sip bar and the restaurant area… Well staff has impressed me again with pleasant smiles and been very helpful at the dinner table. Oh not forgetting the incident where we figured out that the AC was not functioning and within few mints we were given a room on the 3 floor with no questions asked which I consider as an up grade because our view just got better!

Juce Hotel Pizza | hotel made

Ok now the tip about food… You must try delicious pizza for dinner at Juce Hotel.. As Tuan (Manger) suggested we tried the pizza which came with seafood, cheese and herbs topped up to treat us with some awesome food feast.


If you are into fruity drinks, the one with Ginger and Apple and lemon is worth the try which is so refreshing.. The Amabalangoda area is yet to develop more as a touristic area so you wouldn’t find many good restaurants close by and dinner at the hotel can be a good idea while you enjoy the beautiful view from the restaurant.


There is something really cool about the rooms at Juce apart from being cozy… clean.. funky and stylish.. Each room is fitted with mood lighting and its just about getting the app on your phone.

Juce hotel rooms

You can always ask help from their friendly staff if you cant quite get it right.. This is something to try and get the light to work on your mood or the mood to work on the light!

Juce hotel Ambalangoda Beach

Mornings are so beautiful over here… Seeing the picturesque beach under the golden sun rays itself was saying hello to a beautiful morning.. After a walk along the beach catching some sunshine we had our breakfast… Well to tell the truth breakfast is fairly basic but thinking about the per night room I paid with breakfast for two can I really complain?

Scrambled eggs with toast, fruit platter and some coffee was our light breakfast and I couldn’t still get over the bliss at the beach.. So I decided to sit right at the corner of the restaurant where I could have an uninterrupted view of the beauty.

So overall the weekend getaway ended up with loads of happy memories and feeling refreshed to start getting back to real life.. This is what I love about staying in a cozy small hotel rather than being in a place full of guests which totally spoils your holiday..

Thank you Juce and I will be back really soon !