Pancake batter recipe| SUPER EASY WAY !

pancake batter recipe


My love for baking !

Pancake batter recipe

My love and passion for travel takes me to beautiful places and I cannot wait to share those blissful experiences I come across as I keep exploring! Travel is not the only bliss and happiness … so is baking!

Baking has been my hobby, inspiration and mood setter for as long as I could think of… I have always been a lover of sweet things ever since I was a child and always wanted to be able to make them on my own! I was always in love with the pan cakes my granny used to make and kinda got the pancake batter recipe secrets from her!

Well when you see a yummy cup cake or a piece of sweet meat on the shelves of the store you could be so tempted to buy it right away and treat your taste buds!

But for me there is no great pleasure than coming back home and browsing through my cook book to get the recipe into my hands and work on it.. To add to that cannot wait till I see my hard work coming out from the oven or from the pan just the way it’s perfectly meant to be! Then it’s about adding bit of my love to the sweet thing and letting my loved ones treat themselves with homemade lovelies!


So a big Hi to all my friends out there and welcoming you all to my favorite recipe of all times!

………. Pancake batter recipe……

OOhhhh I can see those gorgeous, irresistible pancakes coming my way with a hot chocolate to give that beautiful start to my day! Well the time really doesn’t matter……

Pan cakes any time for me!  Yes ! yes! Yes!


Let’s get rolled on…..

pancake mix


My basic pancake batter recipe :

You can grab those items right away from your kitchen..


1 Egg

1 cup :Milk

1 cup : all Purpose Flour

1 Tbsp :Sugar

1 tsp : Baking Powder

pinch of Salt

1 tsp vanilla : optional ( but I love to add a drop of vanilla)

A nonstick pan to work with

Butter for frying


Lets get our hands on pancake batter recipe :

Pancake batter recipe

  • Take a large bowl and start whisking together all dry ingredients.
  • When well combined start pouring in milk and add the egg and vanilla.
  • Start whisking all together but good to have those lumps.
  • Preheat your nonstick pan and melt a bit of butter before you add in your mixture.
  • Pour in your mixture in batches and flip them over as soon as they start having a golden touch on them.
  • You can keep the size of the pan cake just the way you want by adjusting your batter
  • So the lovelies are ready to go for a quick bite with a bit of golden syrup and butter or a dollop of ice cream on it ..



Serve them while it’s little warm to get the best taste!

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