Places to visit in Dubai at night

Places to visit in Dubai at night

It was my very first visit to Dubai in the hot month of May 2015… As for many others Dubai was instantly synonymous for me with sky scrapers and shopping malls filled with luxury branded items.. The sight of Dubai as I stepped out of the airport from my way to hotel didn’t disappoint me at all as it looked exactly the way I expected..It was the best time to visit Dubai.

Two days after my visit where we covered most of our official work, me and my sister “the travelling buddies” who cannot get enough of exploring local culture every part of the world we go decided not to break our travelling formalities in Dubai.. The Dubai climate was perfect for the night,So we got in touch with a local and decided to explore “Old Souk”. We reached Deira town from Sheik Syed road by cab. It was around 8 in the night when we reached abra dock and the cool breeze from the sea was a heavenly touch for my skin which was burning during day time with the super warm heated air in the heart of city.. For a moment this water station reminded me of the Chaou Parya river in Bangkok which I visited 2 years ago.. But then even chao Parya looked less rustic according to my memory. Boats at the dock looked so ancient that it can just take you back in time and realize how old Dubai would have looked like.

So the old souk sits on either side of Dubai creek and after waiting in the queue with a bunch of locals three of us finally got into a boat to cross the water. This sudden trip was full of surprises for me… Got into this boat which surely looked like a boat from my grandparent’s time and realized it is only 1 Dirham to cross the waters and reach my destination. By far the less expensive thing I paid for in Dubai!!

places to visit in dubai at night | Old souk
Old souk

After reaching the old souk we headed towards spice souk first. Well the old souk is divided into spice souk, gold souk and textile souk.. You will be walking passing tiny stalls that pretty much look the same at a glance with spices that are stored and organized in such beautiful manner.. They display many types of spices and many of them I have never seen as raw spices before. So I decided to touch and feel each ingredient and ask names and the store owners had patience to deal with my curiosity until the end!

best places to visit in Dubai at night | Spice souk
Spice souk

As you keep walking you will be disturbed by few walking shoppers who try to sell you Rolex watches or Louie Vuitton hand bags.. Obviously fake ones! But I would say that they are so harmless and you could escape them with just a smile and a head movement to say you are not interested.

Then going through the gold souk and gazing at beautiful art work done with gold I was amazed at the type of jewelry.. As it was starting to get really dark we decided to head back to hotel thinking of an authentic Indian restaurant to grab some dinner near the hotel..

best places to visit in Dubai at night  | Gold souk
Gold souk

I fell in love with this small city which was too far away from the cosmopolitan glittery Dubai. One can think its so unreal when you explore this area. The glamorous chandeliers hanging all over the walk ways added splendor and beauty from the ancient times..

best places to visit in Dubai at night  | Gold souk walk
Gold souk

So if you are visiting Dubai anytime soon be sure not to get too carried away with shopping!!! Trust me it’s worth it if you are someone who appreciates local culture like to go deep down on those lines and find the true beauty of a country which is hidden most of the time…

These are some of the best places to visit in Dubai at night …

Good luck with your next trip my friends… stay tuned for another blissful experience from me!