The first ever International yoga day | Sri Lanka

Yoga is one amazing practice that is embedded in the Indian tradition for more than 5000 years. It is a holistic approach to wellbeing as yoga harmonizes the body, mind and soul and helps one to reach out to their inner self.

Unlike a usual fitness exercises, yoga can nourish the body and mind on different levels and with a physical level yoga practice will bring in flexibility, more toned physique and strength while on a mental level it can bring peace of mind, clarity and bring great amount of memory and concentration for a healthy mind.

Internationa Yoga Day - Colombo | Sri lanka
Internationa Yoga Day – Colombo | Sri lanka

While there are number of classes and retreats run every year at different parts of the world, the international yoga day was declared as a result of the effort by the Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. While the world takes on different routes in combating climate change and other burning environmental issues at the UN assembly it was mentioned by him that yoga can become a lifestyle- a healthy approach to living which can help us in facing the climate change. The practice has more connection with nature, while it helps to connect with your own self, hence it was declared to add the international yoga day to the world calendar of many important days to celebrate.

The day 21st of June also falls within the global wellness month of June which is definitely a perfect match!

Colombo joins to celebrate the International Yoga Day

While in many parts of the world this days was celebrated with glory while practicing yoga on outdoor and making it an event to introduce yoga practice to people’s lives, in Sri Lanka it was celebrated at the Galle face green ground where participants were refreshed well with the morning breeze of the Indian ocean which is faced by the ground.

Waking up early in the morning on a Sunday and was such an achievement for me and I’m proud of myself for proving myself as a dedicated yogi!! Crowd gathered at the ground at 6.oo am before the sun sets too much of golden rays to make it difficult for an outdoor practice. The event was successfully organized by the Indian high commission in Sri Lanka with many yoga centers coming into play.

The first practice was Sun salutation- Surya Namaskar, . I am an absolute lover of this beautiful practice. If you even get a glimpse of the benefits it can offer you on a platter you would just fall in love too!

As solar plexus (located behind navel ) is considered the Centre of our bodies and it’s also considered that there is a great connection between solar plexus and sun , this practice is mainly focused around the said area which gives you the daily dose of creativity and intuitive ability.. Not only have that, by giving our gratitude to sun which is the great source of all lives you can guarantee to a blessed morning! While refreshing the mind and body the practice goes around several organs of the body allowing them to walk away from diseases.. Amazing is isn’t it??

The blissful morning was spent practicing bit of Kundalini yoga, breath work and a group workout by the yoga teachers of the main institutes.  As we are living in an era where spirituality is becoming more and more popular and many are focusing on a conscious living with healthy habits, healthy food and efforts to move away from medication as much as possible, yoga is an absolute check list… It is clearly an essential practice to embrace and make it a lifestyle to have a healthy mind and body

So I say yes to Yoga … Do you??




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