What does pending mean in Snapchat ?

What does pending mean in Snapchat

Snapchat grey or pending on snapchat is a common occurrence which makes Snapchat users go crazy sometimes.

There could be several possible reasons why you are having the same issue of pending snapchats


Lets look at the most common reasons !

  • If you have sent a friend request to someone and the other person hasn’t still confirmed your request

Until you are accepted as his or her friend you will see the status as pending

pending in Snapchat


What action to take: Please ask your friend to confirm your request


  • Internet connection issues. If either of you are at an area with poor internet connection the messages will be interrupted and will show up as pending. It could be the wifi connection or the signal issue on either persons phone


What action to take: Try to close and re launch snapchat. When the app is forced it will check for any internet connection issues so that the problem can be sorted. Snap changes from pending to sent once the issue is resolved


  • Has he / she unfriend / deleted you?

There are so many embarrassing moments when you find out that your friend/ ex girl friend or your boy friend has unfriend you or deleted you. This might be because he or she doesn’t want to see any updates from you and you definitely cannot send your snap to them


What action to take:  If you think they would still like to have you as friend, send them a friend request.



  • Other person is no longer on snapchat or a new user has been created. You cannot send messaged to a user who is no longer active on the platform


What action to take: Well, you have send a request to the new profile and wait till they accept you!


One thing to remember! If your message waits for too long as pending, there is a chance that once the other person accepts you, the message would have disappeared by then. You have to send a new snapchat in that case