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I have been to so many gatherings and when luxury travel topic comes in I cannot ever skip the topic of Maldives.. But I’ve had those moments where people give me gloomy looks and their faces saying “What is there to do in the Maldives” ???

Well well I think I could easily write a book about what is there to do in the Maldives and why Maldives should be a definite must visit country in your list.

Beautiful Maldives
Beautiful Maldives

We all know how breathtaking the scenic Maldives is with sunshine all year round.. Turquoise blue transparent sea to die for.. White sandy beaches to just spend lazy evenings where you feel like there is no tick of time.. It’s a total indescribable bliss that captures your heart and soul from the time you step into one of those tiny islands which takes you back to Robinson Crusoe flashbacks that I couldn’t get my eyes off as a kid.

Maldives is a total extravagant holiday for lot of us and be prepared to throw some of your investments in if you are thinking of holidaying in one of the 5 star resorts at a gorgeous property and trust me once you get that true Maldivian experience you will never look back and think of that money you spent..

Sharing is definitely caring so let me fill you up with what is there to do in the Maldives so next time you think of Maldives you will think of me


A selfie at a sand bank with a private dinner or a cocktail


Everyone start Maldives with water sports and I will break the rule! Sand banks are snowy sand spots that are shaped by the elements in lagoons which are shallow. Few resorts in Maldives is blessed with this one of a kind experiences in the middle of the sea due to their natural set up of islands situated in 26 atolls.

This was a total stunner and I couldn’t wait to share my graceful moment at a sand bank in one of the beautiful islands during sunset. A total must try if you are on a romantic escape to this gorgeous destination.


Snorkeling and diving


I had the chance to take up a snorkeling lesson at Jumeirah Dhevanafushi and that was the best experience I have ever had in the sea. I was totally shocked at how marine life is so exquisite and so wonderful that I made a promise to myself of getting the diving license. All most all the islands are so blessed with incredible corals beds which are home to colorful and gorgeous fish that would just take your breath away.

Usually the resort provide snorkeling sets to be used during your stay free of charge and make sure to ask the divine center which spots are best for snorkeling. You can either get into the sea right below your water bungalow or if you are staying at a beach bungalow, just walk few steps and you will be at the shore!

If you already hold a diving license the dive center will arrange a trip to the deep blue sea with an extra cost


Water sports


All the islands are surrounded by blue sea. So I don’t have to elaborate on how many water sports such as kayaking, kite surfing, banana boat riding, speed boating, para sailing and so many options are available. When you book a resort make sure to check the complementary water sports they provide so you can be avail for many sports without having to pay an extra buck!


Yoga on the white sandy beach of Maldives


If you are a yogi you will totally fall in love with this beautiful place with white sandy beaches to practice your yoga postures. Sun salutation on the beach during sunrise was one awesome experience for me while the sea breeze was totally calming down my whole body…

The best part is that most of resorts have their in house yoga instructors who can give you individual or group yoga sessions even if you haven’t done yoga before… not just the beach there are plenty of places to practice yoga.. may it be your wooden deck of the villa facing the blue sea bed or the spa with a special yoga area or a shady place under some greenery is just what you will be looking for!

You can start your day so active and refreshing with the relaxing yoga postures or breathing exercises just to tune in to that unforgettable holiday of a life time..


World best spas


For the ladies who wonder What is there to do in the Maldives good news is that the world’s best international spa brands such as six senses, Como shambala, Jiva spa etc are all existing not just with their best pampering but with their most exclusive set up like over water spa that you can totally fall in love with… for me one of the very best spa experiences ever!

Make sure to check the spa of the resort you are booking!


Golfing in Maldives


For all the golf lovers yes there is golfing in Maldives!!! Amazing isn’t it
It’s not just a usual golf practice it’s a one of a kind practice with the sea breeze and glistering water that surrounds the island…

I can only think of Shangrila when I think of golfing in Maldives but the good news is it is possible.


Most romantic places to dine



Dining is an experience if you are heading to Maldives. If you want to impress your girlfriend or wife with the most memorable candle lit dinner this is the place!

Dining under thousand skies, candle lit dinner by the beach, romantic dinner in your over water villa, sand bank dinner, picnic island dinner and the list goes on! This is a total paradise to re write your lover story


Under water experiences

underwater marriage

Have you heard of the resorts in Maldives that offer under water spa, under water restaurant and even under water wedding ceremonies?
It’s unimaginable how this beautiful country has made use of its natural setting to bring out the best experience for the visitors.


Photography in Maldives


Just be prepared not to detach yourself from the camera as every look is clickable in this stunning paradise. Water bungalows and their architecture can amaze you over and over and each resort is done in a different way so even if you visit few resorts during the stay you cannot help them vowing you with every step to the island. You will be bringing thousands of gorgeous videos and images back home with you!

I can keep on extending my list with the few visits I have made to Maldives.. so next time when you think of Maldives think of you stepping into a vacation that can totally keep your senses over whelmed without having the doubt of what is there to do in the Maldives…what will I do for 2-3 days in Maldives… it’s worth the trip.. I’m totally up for any recommendation if you have trouble choosing the resort or the experience to choose from…


Travel is an addiction that you should never find the cure for! Keep travelling lovelies! – word from Imzi


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